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Security Premises Patrols: 
A CUP officer is far from being ‘Static’. Premises patrols are carried out to ensure the following:

• The preservation of life
• The prevention of fire, flood and property damage.
• To prevent the waste of your company’s resources.
• The prevention of accidents.
• The detection and prevention of crime.

No two premises patrols are the same! A variation of routes and timings ensure that a CUP guard always has the element of surprise. Should any incident occur, there is always a full report kept in the official incident book, (the vital evidence) should any legal actions need to be taken.

Reducing your environmental impact:
To ensure your company’s energy bills and carbon footprint are kept to a minimum, our operatives will happily monitor and switch off any unnecessary lights or energy consuming machinery.

Property Guarding:
CUP are there to guarantee your company’s policies, procedures and protocols are being adhered to; ranging from ensuring that the no smoking policies are enforced, to safe-guarding company property and playing a vital role in loss prevention.

Customer Interaction:
Courteous, professional and fully trained, CUP always maintain the highest standard of customer interaction and give the ultimate first impression.

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