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CUP have trained and SIA Licensed CCTV Operatives who are conversant with modern systems enabling our clients to have the peace of mind, whilst our operators monitor their premises night and day. We insist on the highest standards ensuring our documentation and data protection is adhered to including evidence being recorded for investigation and audit purposes. 

CCTV has proved itself to be one of the most effective crime deterrents of the 21st Century. We strive to provide the community with a safe, reliable port of call for their unique, individual security needs. Our Surveillance Vehicles can enhance and compliment your existing security arrangements.. This has been most recently shown by the effective use of CCTV Evidence Footage in the disturbances in London and throughout England.

What can we do for you? Our CCTV Surveillance Team is experienced in providing professional surveillance services to a wide range of situations. Please see Below:

Estate Patrols, Security Industry, Safety Car Parks, Businesses, High Street, Police Support, Crime Prevention, Traffic Enforcement, Private Functions, Public Functions, Construction Sites,  CCTV Support, Parks, Private Residences, Fairs, Festivals, Training Events, Football Matches, Covert Operations, Overt Operations and Anti Social Behaviour Hot-Spot.

We can provide short or long term contracts to meet our clients requirements providing a flexible approach.

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